Scott Rella Bio:

Know as the “IceMan” around the world, founder and professional artist Scott Rella is an international icon in the ice industry, bringing the craft of ice to a whole new level. Trained at the New York Academy of Art, Scott’s professional sculpting can not be matched. His crystalline art forms, magnificent and magical, have been featured on David Letterman, Regis and Kathy Lee, Around the World with Charles Kuralt, Sunday Morning, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Ordinary/Extraordinary and the Food Network. Scott represented the USA at the Olympic Games in Lillehammer in 1994, Salt Lake City in 2002, and has taken home the top prize at several World Championships in Fairbanks Alaska and Hokkaido Japan. Having been featured in Sculpture Magazine and honored with the AIPP Public Area Award in America, Scott’s work is in high demand.

Founding the first of his six companies in his hometown of New York City, Ice Sculpting Designs, was the first and largest ice-sculpting company in NYC, paving the way for sculptors and the growth of ice-as-art around the world.

Scott brought his talents to Vail Colorado in 1996, when he and his family found the Vail Valley irresistible. From his base in the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, He and his partner, Richard Purkiss delight snow seekers from the world over all winter long.

Scott’s partner, Richard Purkiss, is a wonder of technology. A CNC master, he creates pristine Logos with a life span 3 times longer than the normal ice production.Richard brings with him decades of experience in the hospitality industry and founded his own business consulting company. When Richard is not turning ice, you can either find him on his road bike, on the snow, on the ice with his hockey gear, or playing and coaching soccer.

Scott and Richard’s goal is to set cold hard ice into motion, creating works so pristine, delicate and full of life that a sense of wonder fills anyone who sees them. Their comment to excellence and creating museum quality pieces, has put them in high demand across the U.S and Europe.  These two artists think “anything is possible” and has proven it to be true.