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Designed for children of all ages, groups of all sizes, inside or outside, live demos engage, entertain, entrance, inspire, and translate into an unforgettable event. Mesmerizing guests with unwavering focus and the charismatic command of power tools, artists sculpt a living medium into a work of art before their eyes.

See us in action on our YouTube Channel or our Vimeo account.

  • absolut-vodka
  • chef-sculpture
  • fni-sculpting
  • guitar-show-2
  • guitar-show-3
  • guitar-show-4
  • guitar-show-5
  • guitar-show
  • harley-motorcycle
  • ice-bar-remodel
  • outside-demo
  • sculpting-motorcycle
  • sculpting-on-stage
  • sculpting
  • scultping-dinosaur
  • speed-carving-canton
  • summer-sculpting