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Scott Rella

Office: (970) 949-0458 Email:

Scott is the founder of six and owner of five ice sculpting companies (Fear No Ice, Ice Sculpture Designs, Big Ice Inc, Aspen Vail Ice, Ice Men and™) as well as an artist, Olympian and World Champion Ice Sculptor. After many years of sculpting, competing, and performing around the globe – and more ice than he cares to think about – Scott is grateful and well amazed that he is still hungry to revolutionize the world of ice.

Regardless of the boundless energy Scott puts forth to create his own notoriously dubbed “RellaNomics” society, he still believes that there is a studio nestled by the ocean where he and his family may dive and ride bikes to their hearts’ content.

Richard Purkiss
Vice President

Mobile: (970) 376-0756 Email:

Scott’s partner, Richard Purkiss, is a wonder of technology. A CNC master, he creates pristine Logos with a life span 3 times longer than the normal ice production.

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